Course: MGR - Transitioning to a Manager Position

Learn to think as a successful manager


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Are you a newly appointed manager or wish to become a manager in the future?


This course helps you slip into your new role as a leader:

  • Transform your mindset and shift your focus to become an effective, credible and successful manager
  • Through challenging workshops based on real-world scenarios, this course introduces new and future managers to the new frame of mind that they must adopt and to the strategic approach that their new role requires

This course is run in partnership with Consepsys


Provided by Kerr Noll


  • Leadership & Organisational Efficiency
  • Worldwide: wherever you are, we have a session for you

Who is it for?

To attend this course, delegates must have the desire for more responsibility,

the ability to think conceptually and be open to being challenged beyond one’s comfort zone.



  • Individuals moving up to a Manager position
  • Team leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners
  • Individuals seeking to progress their career
  • Business owners planning for growth

Course Fee

  • US Dollars 1300 USD
  • Pound Sterling 975 GBP
  • Euros 1120 EUR
  • Singapore Dollars 1800 SGD
  • Malaysian Ringgits 5095 MYR
  • Australian Dollars 1725 AUD
  • Canadian Dollars 1650 CAD
  • Other Currencies (convert)


Learn to slip into your new role as a Leader, with a better understanding of team leading, business administration, commercial and strategic concepts.


Through a combination of theoretical sessions and hands-on workshops, the mindset of participants is transformed to embrace the shift of focus from detail to overview, which they must go through to be successful Managers.


Moving up to a Manager position requires a profound change of mindset and perspective. New managers must re-invent their professional outlook and must face a new suite of complex challenges. 


This course introduces new and future managers to the new frame of mind that they must adopt and to the strategic approach that their new role requires.


Participants are guided to learn to slip into their new role as a Leader, with a better understanding of what their organisation expects from its team leaders and managers.


Through a set of challenging workshops, the mindset of participants is transformed to embrace the shift of focus from detail to overview, which they must go through to meet the objectives of their organisation and to be effective, credible and successful Managers.


Course Outline

1. What does the new role change?

- What changes in this new type of role

- What new perspective to acquire


2. Getting started

- Aligning strategy with company objectives

- Creating a vision and a culture

- Mobilising a team

- (Re-)defining roles and responsibilities

- Developing plans to achieve objectives


3. Attitude and perspective shift

- Accepting accountability for entire team

- Thinking and communicating at a higher level

- Projecting confidence

- Making difficult decisions

- From expecting to effecting


4. The bigger picture

- Nesting the bigger picture

- Strategic thinking

- Mapping processes 


5. New tricks to learn

- From doing to managing

- Delegating & empowering people

- Following up and closing out

- Chairing meetings

- Supporting and motivating the team

- Anticipating, detecting and addressing issues

- Managing priorities

- Managing and monitoring performance

- Managing office politics

- Managing risks


6. New activities to undertake

- Managing commercial and economic aspects

- Strategic planning

- Managing resource utilisation

- Processing information, forecasting, reporting

- Downward, upward and sideways management


7. All eyes on the manager

- Change in rapport with others

- Leading by example

- Representing the organisation

- Communication style

- Managing confidential information


8. New problems to face

- Dealing with difficult situations

- Dealing with difficult people

Course Fee

More Information


  • Desire to be a leader
  • Desire for more responsibility
  • Ability to think conceptually
  • Ability to mentally project oneself outside of one's own reality and/or experience
  • Desire to be challenged beyond one’s comfort zone

Course objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Operate a mindset shift from detail to overview
  • Operate a mindset shift from doing to managing
  • Understand the difference between an employee role and a Manager role
  • Think at a strategic level
  • Understand the skills that they must develop
  • Accept responsibility and accountability
  • Understand the environment of a manager
  • Understand the challenges of a manager
  • Understand the components of people management

What makes us different

  • The course applies to all sectors of activity and industries
  • We provide a gateway into the world of management with a robust approach
  • We help participants map out the environment of a Manager
  • We facilitate a change of mindset among participants - for the benefit of their respective organisations

Course Fee


 Payment methods: 

  • Debit or Credit Card 
  • Bank Transfer 

Payment terms:

  • Enrolment is confirmed upon receipt of full payment of the course fee
  • Payment is due within 7 days after registration and issuance of invoice
  • If you would like to pay by instalment, let us know when you enrol - please note that the full course fee will have to be paid before the course

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