Kerr Noll - Meaning

Kerr Noll is the combination of two powerful words:

  • Kerr – meaning "from the marsh" or marshland
  • Noll – derived from Oliver, which means “olive tree”.

Kerr - from the marsh

  • Marshes exist between two worlds – dry land and wet land.
  • They consist of a very productive, thriving and diverse environment.
  • They receive dark, murky, muddy water and act as a filter to give out clear water.

Noll - olive tree

  • Olive trees are resistant, resilient and live through the ages, often for thousands of years.
  • They thrive on difficult, rocky terrain and they find ingenious ways to survive.
  • Their branches serve to crown champions.

  • Kerr Noll represents the bridge between two worlds - leaders and followers.
  • They nurture a productive, thriving, creative environment.
  • From blurred, opaque, scattered information, they produce clear, intelligible ideas, strategies and solutions.

  • Kerr Noll are resilient, persistent and seek to spread a revolutionary and long-lasting approach to leadership issues.
  • They thrive in difficult, inextricable situations, they are innovative and ingenious.
  • They seek to bring out the best in Leaders.



And for those who have noticed, Kerr Noll is also a word play with “Colonel”.
Our logo even shows the symbol for the colonel rank in the French military.
In some countries, the colonel is the highest rank.
Historically, colonels have been in charge of regiments or armies, just as leaders are in charge of entire organisations.

Kerr Noll Consultants specialise in services for Leaders – or colonels – of this world.


French Colonel