Testing Leadership Myths


Short course, with a laboratory approach, composed mainly of workshops, designed to challenge the leadership abilities of participants in a 360-degree assessment approach.


In a competitive, challenging set-up, a micro-business environment is set with real life stresses, upsetting factors, dynamics and real prizes at stake.



3 days

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Leadership and management myths are too often at the centre of unproductive debates and at the source of countless failures in leadership and management decisions.


In a very competitive and challenging set-up, this course consists largely of practical workshops aiming solely at putting leadership and management myths to the test.


Purposely opposite to a theoretical approach, the workshops give participants the opportunity to test what myths work and what myths do not, to develop the intuition of what needs to be done to successfully drive a team or an organisation to a goal and to develop a pragmatic understanding of how organisations – as living entities - function.


During the course, managers, leaders and political professionals can experiment in a safe and confidential environment, re-discover their potential, sharpen their leadership intuition and trade experience, techniques and insight with other participants.

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  • Tuition fee
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Method & Outline

Myths on the Following Concepts Are Tested:

  • Purpose, vision and strategy; 
  • Organisation’s culture;
  • Organisation’s objectives;
  • Roles & responsibilities;
  • Action roadmaps;
  • Getting the most out of people;
  • Internal communication;
  • Internal alignment;
  • Managing rapid growth;
  • Environment / market influence.

 Course / Workshop Methodology:

  • Participants take turns in leading a team;
  • During a leadership period, other participants act as resources of the leader;
  • Objectives are given to each leader, whose role is to deliver as per requirements using available resources;
  • Challenges and upsetting factors are thrown at leaders and their teams;
  • In a 360° system, leaders and team members are assessed in their ability to best communicate, to identify the best courses of action, the best methods and the best logic to succeed;
  • After each set of workshops, the best leaders are given an increasing level of responsibility. 

Spirit of the Sessions:

  • Basic data / information is fed to teams;
  • Self-starter environment – participants are placed in a void and are expected to successfully deliver through:
    • Conceptualisation & strategising;
    • Effective communication;
    • Building of a delivery system;
    • Effective action roadmaps;
    • Team building;
    • Effective listening.
  • Complex environment: participants evolve within a complex system of budgets and rules;
  • Competitive set-up: the best leaders are gradually promoted. Only one leader emerges at the end of the course;
  • The final leader may win or lose – depending on the organisation’s performance.


  • Established managers, leaders, directors;
  • Individuals recently appointed to a leadership and / or management position; 
  • Team leaders, entrepreneurs; 
  • Politicians, political leaders, political professionals
  • Individuals seeking a career evolution into leadership, management or politics

Course objectives

During this course, participants get the opportunity to:

  • Test myths;
  • Test what myths work and what myths do not;
  • Develop intuition of action roadmaps;
  • Develop an understanding of how organisations function;
  • Experiment in a safe and confidential environment;
  • Explore one’s potential;
  • Develop listening skills;
  • Differentiate between dogma / ideology and reality;
  • Share experience with other course participants;
  • Network with other course participants.

The course is designed to allow participants to develop competencies that they can directly take back to their working environment, for the benefit of their respective companies, groups, ventures or organisations.

What makes us different

What makes us different and how does the course work:

  • Laboratory approach
  • No / Little Theory - All hands-on: We will not bore you with endless & senseless theory: roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty
  • Each participant gets the opportunity to use other participants as resources to experiment through hands on, sociological leadership workshops
  • Competitors impose their way of thinking, we guide you to find your own truth
  • We create a micro-business environment with real life stresses, upsetting factors, dynamics and real prizes at stake
  • 360 degree assessment by peers at the end of each workshop
  • Competitive environment

Locations & Dates

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 Payment methods: 

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Payment terms:

  • Enrolment is confirmed upon receipt of full payment of the course fee 
  • Payment is due within 7 days after registration and issuance of invoice


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