Leadership & Organisational Efficiency


Kerr Noll Consultants help leaders and organisations to successfully meet their objectives, by skilfully aligning their leadership style and their culture with their environment.

This alignment is even more crucial in times of crisis, change, upset or disruption.

We are based in the UK, but we travel around the world to meet our clients.

Our motto is that “every leadership problem deserves its specific solution”. When it comes to solving organisational inertia, there is no universal, off-the-shelf solution indeed. 

We also run elite courses for new, aspiring and existing leaders.

Consultancy Services

Leadership & organisational efficiency consultancy

We develop intelligent, innovative and customised solutions to leadership and organisational problems. 


Training Courses

Innovative & game-changing leadership courses

Our training courses use revolutionary, game-changing techniques and are targeted at leaders, managers, directors, political leaders, team leaders and high-flyers.

Publications & Tools

Books & tools for leaders and aspiring managers

The Game-Changing Book