Option Selection Facilitation

Every organisation faces decisions to make and options to select. When significant amounts of money are involved, robust decision making processes are required.


Considerations often are complex and, the more options and/or the larger the size of the expenditure, the more difficult the decision.


Such options may aim at solving issues such as:

  • Which company to take over
  • Which investment opportunity to select
  • Which new business stream to develop first
  • Which capital investment to go for
  • Which engineering leadership approach to go for
  • Which repair option to select on a plant / platform / factory
  • Etc

A structured process is required to ensure that the best option is selected.

Kerr Noll Consultants have developed processes, tools and techniques to support you in your option selection process.

kerr noll's option selection process

Kerr Noll Consultants possess in-depth experience of Option Selection processes.


We have developed techniques, methods and tools to help your organisation select the best option to meet its objectives.


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